Meet The Team


Director | Health Consultant | Nutritionist
Yoga Teacher | Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration Specialist
Herbal Practitioner | Business Developer

Dedicated to building foundations of wholesome health awareness and solutions across communities.


Retired Professional Footballer
Co-Founder & Director of GW Properties
Now Specializes in Property Development & Social Housing

Our primary focus is to raise living standards and revolutionize the social housing model.
We aim to raise the quality of dwellings and reach those most affected by poor standard accommodation and lack of affordable living spaces.
Our vision is to incorporate living standards of the most deprived with raising the health and lifestyle standards.


Max Maxwell was born July 26th, 1979 in Clarendon, Jamaica WI. He joined the Royal navy in 1998 where he started his boxing training. Within his 7 years with the navy, he was also a personal fitness instructor. Before leaving the navy, he was heavily decorated for his service in the Iraq war.
Max then went on to box professionally, winning the Midlands championship, British masters champion, and many more titles. He has worked with the likes of Amir Khan and Manni Pas sparring partners.
Max then took his passion for boxing and opened a gym that has now become a charity with the hope of becoming a free gym for the community. From teaching kids the fundamental boxing techniques in a fun way that puts emphasis on fitness to 1-2-1 boxing training catered to your skillset and need to grueling take you to the limit circuit classes where no class is the same, Max’s thrive for excellence is ever apparent.


Personal Trainer | Fitness coach
Trainee Natural Nutritional Practitioner
Director of: Essential Elements Lifestyle
Over a decade of social and independent study in wellbeing and natural health.
Ben says:
“I’ve always been a community mentor: Assisting others to achieve an optimal lifestyle. Through the right nutrition and exercise, the body can reach amazing potential, giving us the power and will to become what we desire. Learning how powerful herbs and plants are giving me the drive to empower myself on a daily basis.
I also use and produce essential oils for general health and well-being. There an amazing must-have for anyone wanting to stay away from medication and looking for a holistic approach. I’ve joined Power Plant to help reach the greater communities and use my combined experience in the health field to empower others and raise the national standard of wellbeing.  I aim to provide a service second to none, helping you pursue your journey to a happier, healthier more powerful you!”


International Fitness Coach
Founder of Global Gainz Fitness

Fitness is the pinnacle of my success from a very young age.
Global Gainz fitness originated on my journey traveling the world over a 5 year period: 2 years in America (coaching and playing football)  and 3 years in southeast Asia and Australia (traveling and coaching fitness)

Our purpose is to raise the engagement of fitness around the world to determine a healthy body and healthy mind.

Our Mission Is to raise the quality of 5,000 lives through health and fitness in 2025

– We Develop People.
– We Practice Self Awareness and Humility.
– We are Influential and Elevating.
– We bring Engagement, Energy, and Fun.

“Support local act Global 💫

Seven Star Barbers

Established in 2020, During the Covid Pandemic.
After surviving the challenges of the Pandemic we were able to July 7th and grow to become a central community hub,
 employing 10 skilled hairstylists across 2 floors of business space. 
Seven Star’s expansion continues to grow and we are currently developing a further treatment room.
Since opening our growth has taken us to become a platform for an Amazon Prime series, a channel 4 documentary, and a Disney documentary.
The 2 Directors: Rowan Farrell & Kashaun Hillocks have decades of experience in Barber and Hairstyling, which have been incorporated into the creation of a unique, family-friendly, and multicultural networking platform and service hub.
We aim to grow our network and community service through driving health, awareness, and solution to all our clients, community, and wider reach potential.

Mary Obozua

Production & Marketing Ambassador

With a combined Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Employment, the trajectory of Mary’s career was always set to be in dual spaces.

Mary has a rich working experience spanning over 10 years, primarily in the HR discipline of Employee Relations and Marketing. She currently holds the post as Insight Specialist for the NHS (Midlands and Lancashire CSU), is Co-Founder or Mary Smith Ltd and is also a published children’s fiction author. 

Outside the realms of these positions, Mary continues to consult, tutor aspiring HR Leaders and has started a project with Solihull County Council – Hope Valley Social Enterprise. This project effectively teaches budding entrepreneurs within the jurisdiction in all aspects of business and creative arts.

Ashley Hudson

Marketing & Health Expansion Ambassador

Director of Sol- Nutrition, Wellness & Supplements

Self-dedicated to development and education of holistic health.

Active practitioner in dietary, exercise and yogic practise of self-regeneration, whilst consistently challenging mental strength and determination through numerous forms of the Nation’s toughest performance and endurance competitions.

Spent over half a decade in the health and wellbeing sector, across public and commercial platforms.

Hitesh Patel

 form and training“The body is the gateway to a more fulfilled existence and a vessel to a happier soul”

Accredited by WSWCF Calisthenics and dedicated to my own developments in the Art of training the body. I have spent the last 8 years exploring the boundless potentials of self-development through the expression of the body.

Committed to creating a safe environment to assist you in learning how far you can develop yourself.

Contact us: Unit Power Plant,
1077 Kingsbury Road,
Erdington B35 6AJ